Our company was founded in 1989 with headquarters in Kalamata and aims to trade standard foods, stationery, detergents, cosmetics, packaging and other household items.
Convinced of its future development and with a vision of acquiring privately owned facilities, our company A. Asimakos Ο.Ε.Ε., realizes its dream in its own modern facilities (warehouses, offices, etc.) on a plot of 9.5 acres, in Antikalamos, Kalamata (opposite the industrial zone of Kalamata), transferring its headquarters there.



It is active in the Prefectures of Messinia, Ilia, Arcadia, Laconia and the island of Kythira. With privately owned trucks he transports the goods he trades and supplies food stores, restaurants, hotel units and department stores of wholesale and retail trade, individual customers and large groups in the category of goods.

Our people

We invest in our people, we take care of the development of their potential, offering opportunities to everyone without discrimination.

Company policy

The company's policies in the context of operating activity emphasize:
1) In the provision of high quality goods and services
2) Implementing procedures based on transparency, justice and the establishment of common principles and rules
3) Actions with respect for the environment
4) Introducing methods for taking measures to minimize the risk of devaluation of its stocks
5) Respecting the rights of our employees, respecting labor laws and taking care of their healthy and safe work
6) In the systematic training of all categories of employees, without discrimination or preferences