Trade of standard food, stationery, detergents, cosmetics and packaging.

Ψηφιακό Βήμα

Our company is active in the trade of standardized food, stationery, detergents, cosmetics and packaging.
Its action covers the prefectures of Messinia - Laconia - Arcadia - Ilia and the island of Kythira. The goods are distributed by private trucks in the customers' shops. Our headquarters are in Antikalamos, Kalamata (opposite an industrial area). The modern warehouse, its organization, the accounting, the human resources guarantee the fast delivery of the goods on behalf of the companies in all the points of sale.

Catering for food stores, multi-markets, restaurants, hotels, wholesale

In general, our values are contained and reflected in the words: DIGNITY, INTEGRITY & RESPECT FOR HUMAN BEINGS


Customer-centric concept. We create relationships of trust with our customers for the purpose of mutual benefit.

οι άνθρωποι μας

Our people

We invest in our people and offer opportunities to all without discrimination.


We aim at continuously improving our performance and achieving profitability and healthy growth.

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Please call to : 2721099655